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About the Pastor


Pastor Joshua W. Rau

Our called Pastor and Teacher is Joshua W. Rau. He has served in ministry for over 25 years as a music director and pastor. 

Joshua grew up in northern Wisconsin right on Lake Superior.  He spent his time either in church or the music room at school. He have been a musician since the 6th grade. He was very active in all aspects of music growing up; he was in orchestra, choir, band, show choir, and theater. He was principal bass for the Duluth Superior Youth Orchestra, his high school orchestra, and after graduation he served as principle bass for Dakota Valley Symphony in Burnsville, Minnesota. He was in several choirs in junior and senior high school as well as the church choir. He continued his music after graduation when he started directing church choirs which he did for almost 25 years. He also sang with the Fargo-Moorhead Master Choral for a short time. He currently sings with the Lexington Choral Society and plays with the High Point University Community Orchestra. He has a strong knowledge and passion for the music and liturgy of the church. Joshua believes in the liturgical style of worship and feels that it brings so much meaning to our worship time and life.

​Joshua obtained his EMT certification in 2004 and has been active in both full-time and volunteer service ever since. Joshua also served in Law Enforcement for about 4 years in addition to his EMS work.

​In his years in church music ministry, Joshua always felt a call to lead, not knowing that one day it would lead him to the pulpit. He was asked several times to fill in on a Sunday and it just really continued to weigh on his heart and when Joshua was given the opportunity to look at Synodically Authorized Minister with in the ELCA,  he felt that it was time to answer the call. Joshua has a passion for the church, for serving others and for proclaiming the word of God. He has Lay Standing with the UCC and is seeking full ordination within the church. 

Prior to his call at Hedrick's Grove Pastor Joshua served in the ELCA at a two point parish in North Dakota and in the UCC at a two point parish in Montana. He served as a music director in the ELCA, UMC, PCUSA, and the NACCC. 


Pastor Joshua currently serves on the Board of Directors for the Southern Conference of the United Church of Christ and as President of the Davidson/Forsyth Ministerium. He is active in the area as musician with the Lexington Choral Society and the High Point University Community Orchestra. 

Joshua lives in Lexington with his wife Alyssa; together they have a blended family of 6 children and 2 grandchildren. Joshua has three girls, Olivia, Caylen, and Marisa.  Alyssa has 3 boys, Taygen, Hunter, and Wyatt.

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